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Bognor and Chichester Based Guitar Teacher Jeremy Hayward

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Welcome to the webpage of Bognor Regis and Chichester Guitar Teacher Jeremy Hayward who is available for in house or mobile lessons in Bognor Regis or Chichester or surrounding areas teaching most styles on acoustic and electric.


Being a good guitar player and being a good teacher do not always go hand in hand as a good player does not always make a good teacher, Jeremy is both a competant player and good teacher and manages to be able to put himself in the shoes of a beginner and be able to access students difficulties and facilitate as quickly and efficiently as possible with encouragement .


Jeremy will teach what YOU want to learn believing the art of learning is about progession and encouragment and to enjoy the learning process.



Jeremy is registered with RGT registry of guitar tutors and ACCESS TO MUSIC N.O.C.N. qualified



 guitar lessons bognor



People decide to learn to play an instrument for different reasons whether it be to play with friends in a local Bognor or Chichester band or maybe its something you always wanted to do but never got the time and would like to learn just for yourself ,


To learn guitar can be therapeutic and it improves concentration and hand to eye co ordination as well as teaches perserverance-Nobody picks up a guitar straight away and plays


Jeremy has taught in Bognor Regis and Chichester and surrounding areas most popular styles on Electric and Acoustic guitar with basic chords ,improvisation,playing by ear,song structure etc


Jeremy has a good knowledge of equipment and amps and effects etc as well as a knowledge of modern recording systems using Apple and Mac and using Pro Tools and Logic recording software and can advise on setting up home studios.




"My aim was to learn my favourite songs and play in a band asap and my guitar teacher before insisted i learn things I was really not interested in of which almost made me give up until i booked Jeremy and the first thing he asked was what did I want to learn and adapted to what i wanted and fuelled my interest and determination"

10 out of 10 and thanks - Matt Bognor Regis



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"Jeremy is patient and seems to be able to see my difficulties and access accordingly"

 liam Bognor Regis


"Jeremy has worked in our school music department for the last 20 months of which his support has been invaluable assisting with Guitar,Bass, and recording students work to high standard" 

Geraldine Alchurch Bourne Community College


"Great guitarist and teacher"

Mike Randon Session Drummer and drum teacher Chichester


Thanks a lot for your help at Chichester College with students exam recording-Steve Cubbit Chichester College


"During his School based training Jeremy worked closely with host Teacher helping with students exam work,guitar workshops,recording,composition, and was excellant in all areas"

Alan Christmas ACCESS TO MUSIC Portsmouth University


PRICES ARE 45mins-£19.50  One hour-£25


bognor guitar lessons


Call +44(0)7811912714



Jeremy will travel to these areas Aldingbourne,Aldwick,Amberley,Arundel,Barnham,Bosham,Walberton,Chichester,Halnaker,Hunston,Selsey,Tangmere,

Littlehampton,Middleton on sea, Elmer,Nyetimber